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Friday, April 1, 2011

Wouldn't it be cool if we could all learn to garden organically, cook like a chef, and create designer fashions ourselves???  I looked into taking some classes recently, and came across some wonderful classes and demonstrations that are absolutely free! 

In April, Williams Sonoma offers complimentary classes such as: "From Scratch-Fresh Pasta", and "Eggs: Sweet and Savory" as well Sous Chef demonstrations for Blintz filled pancakes and Chicken Croquetas.  There are many to choose from. Go to Williams Sonoma and scroll to the bottom and click on store events.  Please call your local store for details as you may have to register in advance.

Also in April, Home Depot is offering classes in Eco-Friendly Gardening where you can learn to Grow fruits and vegetables using compost and collected rain water.  Check with your local store for details.

And dont forget to check with your local library branch for classes.  Ours is offering classes in Crocheting and Knitting.  Free of charge.

I'm pretty excited.  April is going to be a good month. :)


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