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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Do you know what I love about the holidays?  It is socially acceptable to use as much sparkle and shine as humanly possible.  Do you know what I dislike?  Paying outrageous amounts of money for cute gift wrap when I have a ton of fabulous paper in my craft room. There's a fun sketch at the Unscripted Sketches blog this week and that's what I used as a starting point for my Wee Work gift bag.  I was inspired by my talented stamping friend, Kimberly.  She does something that I have a hard time with.  She incorporates the sentiment in to the design.  That sounds easy, but it's often not.   I tend to add my sentiment as an after-thought and the design suffers, so I tried to keep the sentiment a prominent element here.
I used the We R Memory keepers gift bag punch board for this. I do believe that I can make enough bags over the years to justify the cost, but I wish it was a bit easier to use.  I had to make 4 or 5 bags before I felt comfortable using it.   It creates the perfect size for pretty earrings or a necklace, or a cute bracelet, or fun socks, or inkpads, or....I'd love to tell you what's in the bag, but it's a gift for my daughter.  Shhhhh....don't tell!


  1. I love your gift bag! Thanks so much for playing along with US this week! Very cute!

  2. Your little bag is adorable - and you're accomplished your goal (one I need to aim for, too!), wonderfully. That sentiment has centre stage, for sure! Gorgeous! You're working magic with the 'wee' creations!!

  3. Oh WOW, this is gorgeous Michelle!

  4. Tell me! Tell me! I won't even want to open it on Christmas because the bag is just too pretty to open! I have the best Mom ever <3 love you!

  5. Ho ho, Michelle!!! This is Phenom!! I was just sitting here, casually perusing the US Challenge, I see this cool card pop out at me. Well I think I will get a better look!
    Lo and behold it is MICHELLE!! Yay!
    LOVE this, Really, Really! Your lighly diffused bokeh and snow effect I ADORE! You ROCK Michelle, all kinds of craftiness, you nail it. Wow... I sit amazed.

    Happy Thanksgiving Lady!!!
    -Hugz your pal Kimberly.

    Oh, Ahem, and kindly thanks for joining us at the Sketch it Saturday on the Unscripted Sketches Challenge Blog!!

    That's better, all official like.
    Take care Michelle!!!!

  6. Ha, and you know what, I love that it is a gift bag with a surprise!!! Surprises literally drive me nutso, like a little pomeranean, or a kid always asking "are we there yet??!! That is me with presents. My husband, literally thinks this is in the only slightly annoying thing with me, though he is such the gentleman, it is me saying it (that I am bonkers when it comes to surprises) and him just laughing. I did keep a secret surprise from my mom once. I planned last year a getaway with my mom and my sister to the lovely town of Leavenworth to see the leaves change on the highways there and all the lovely foliage along the way. It was a few hours before me and my mom were to leave,and my sister shows up. Mom is so stunned by her un announced visit that she ignores me totally when I say,..." Well hey, we gotta go now" Mom does not look me in the eye at all. I wish I had it on video! My sister would laugh and keep talking.. And I acted like I was fuming pacing, grabbing bags to load up. We didn't last too long, we busted up laughing and told her it was a surprise that Laura was actually coming with us. She could NOT believe it as I can't keep anything from her. So it was awesome... Ah memories.

    Your daughter DOES have the awesomeness craftiest mom!!!

    Well, I look forward to WHATEVER you do next Michelle, because you do what I cannot, you make anything and everything just awesome... vintage, eclectic and so full of warmth and obvious love and joy. You inspire me!!!

    Again, from lil ole me... Kimberly LOL

  7. This is gorgeous!! I loveeeeeeee the starbursts and the ornament!!!!!!

  8. It is fabulous! Love the sparkly bits!

  9. So love this Michelle. You have balanced the design beautifully so it looks classy and elegant. Jenny x

  10. Gorgeous!!!! I love sparkle and shine too!

  11. I hadn't wanted to get the gift bag punch board...until NOW! What a beautiful bag! Just the bag would be a wonderful gift, on it's own! :)

  12. I agree Michelle, I love all that sparkle for the season!
    Let it all out, right?
    Love your card and that vintage feel again ;)

  13. Well you know I love the combining of words and pictures, so this works beautifully for me... More importantly, I'm sure your daughter will love it too (and whatever's inside of course).
    Alison x

  14. Congrats on the Top 3 Michelle, so Well deserved!!!!!

  15. This bag is WONDERFUL! LOVE the name and the sparkle, too!


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