Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Cry Happy Tears: A Tissue Pack Tutorial

Weddings, Graduations, New Babies....They all make me cry. Happy Tears are the BEST! I've made these sweet tissue covers that loved ones and event guests will treasure. It was an easy project made with Sizzix Dies and an Embossing Folder by Eileen Hull. Let me show you how easy this is.

You will need:
Sharp Pointed Scissors
Needle with a large eye
Small Pocket Sized Tissue Packs
White Cardstock
Green Cardstock
Clear Sheet Protectors
Sticker Paper
White Twine or Decorative Thread
Sizzix Big Shot
Sizzix House/Pocket Thinlit Die Set
Sizzix Eyelet Lace Embossing Folder
Sizzix Floral Arch & Words Thinlit Die Set
optional: Washi Tape to hold pieces in place
optional: Bone Folder

1. Cut your 8.5"x11" white cardstock in half, leaving you with two pieces approx 4.25"x5.5". Cut the seams open on your sheet protectors. Cut the three hole edges off of them also. Now you have two pieces of clear material. Cut each of those in half so that now you have four pieces of clear plastic. (Note: You can also use clear laminate, but this so much cheaper. Full Disclosure: I am cheap frugal.)

2. Place one piece of white cardstock and one piece of clear plastic on the cutting pad and using your Big Shot, cut out the house/pocket with sewing punches as usual. Note: if you try to cut more than the two pieces at a time, the die may not cut through the plastic all the way.
3 .Now that the pieces are cut, it's time to emboss them using the Eyelet Lace embossing folder. I embossed the plastic piece and the white piece at the same time. Hint: I found the end results to be best if you embossed them backwards. What I mean by this, is that you will place the cardstock piece and the plastic piece in the folder with the plastic piece on top. Then make sure that part of the folder says "Sizzix" cannot be seen, because it is one the bottom. Trust me, this sounds more complicated than it actually is. It will make perfect sense as you are doing it.

4. Thread your needle and using the whip stitch, sew all around the edge of the die. Sew the entire thing shut.

5. Using sharp scissors. Cut a slit into the plastic using the bottom embossed line as a guide. Leave approx. a 1/4" on each end. Do not cut into the paper.
6. Remove one or two tissues from the original personal tissue pack. The tissues are a tad too long, so fold them in about 1/4" on each side and carefully ease them through the slit. Note: I found it easier to slide them in upwards, and then tapped the pocket on the table so that the tissues would settle back down into place. 

7. Using a bone folder, or your finger, fold down the "roof" point to cover part of your tissue pack. Cut the Floral Arch from green cardstock and make a sticker to seal it closed.

My sticker seal was made using Esplanade Script Font, which you can download free for personal use. My seal is approximately 1 1/2 " in diameter. How you make the seal will depend on which programs you have installed on your computer, and what computer you're using. You can find sticker paper readily available at office supply stores, Amazon, or even Walmart. Feel free to personalize your seal with a name, date, or both!

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  1. This is gorgeous! LOVING that stitching!!!!!!!!

  2. this is such an awesome idea!! and the project is adorable. I don't have the patience for sewing so totally admire when one does any stitchery!