Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sizzix Clean And Simple 10-Minute Crafts

In a hurry? This month, Eileen Hull's Art with Heart Inspiration team is sharing fast and fun projects with Eileen's Dies that can be completed in about 10 minutes.Sound impossible? It's not! You're going to love these!

I created a whimsical Bird Banner that can be used for "Bird-days" or any Spring-time event. This is a project that can be easily completed by a non-crafty crafter, or anyone in need of a quick project.

Since I am using a Scoreboards Steel-Rule Die, (Item #657120) I can cut several pieces of paper at once. A real time saver! I sandwiched the die and about four sheets of paper between two cutting pads. I love the new bright colored pads. 
This die was designed to have a wing on each side of the bird. We are only using one wing so the bird will lay flush against the wall. Once the papers were cut, I positioned a wing with double stick tape. You may want to use a gluestick or tape runner to complete your birds even faster

The google eyes were purchased at a local craft store. They are self-adhesive like a sticker and can attached quickly since there is no adhesive necessary..
When hung with a clothespin, the birds make a cute banner. 
I love that the little wings stick out. So cute!

Put a Bird on it!
Do you have a Clean and Simple project that you've made with Eileen Hull's Dies? Share it with us on the Facebook Page. We'd love to see it!


  1. What a fun decoration - especially for spring - this would look so cute hanging in a window or on a door!

  2. This is beautiful and such a fun idea!
    Now I want to get this die!!
    Thanks Michelle~

  3. I have to tell you-- I think I'd be dead long before I was ever able to make a craft in 10-minutes! Apparently I prefer the stare-at-it-for-2-hours then craft-on-it-until-3:00-am style of crafting. Ha! But once again, you have opened my eyes to potential, my friend! Look at you whipping out this adorable banner that didn't take you forever! And it did my heart good to see the glitter still gleaming on those clothespins! Really adorable project and you've given me hope that maybe someday I can craft fast and cute, too!