Thursday, August 17, 2023

Spellbinders: Glory of Snow

 Susan Tierney-Cockburn has come out with a new line of Spellbinders dies. The line is called the "Snow Garden Collection" and it is truly lovely.

I have several of Susan's dies from a loooong time ago and they have a treasured place in my die collection. The flowers I'm showing you today were made from her recent "Glory of Snow" set. These dies are intended to be placed on card fronts to make an exquisite holiday card, but I added a stem and made mine into a tiny bouquet, which I am saving to be used as a gift topper for the upcoming holiday season. To make the flower, I used color variations in my card stock to create realism and using marker, I added details to the cuts before shaping. In order to add a stem, I created a hole with a hole punch in the flower as shown below. 

In my opinion, these flowers do not appear to be holiday or Winter themed. This is partly due to my color choices. I can see these dies being used year-round, making them an excellent value. There are some in this collection, however, that are more traditional holiday motifs. There's a gorgeous American Holly set as well as others.

Susan has detailed video tutorials on how to make her flowers. Like her previous collections, the Glory of Snow video is also available.

I hope this has inspired you to create your own paper flowers!


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